Summary on the outcome of the 2018 Chamonix meeting

The 2018 Chamonix workshop featured three sessions for the HL-LHC project. The sessions at Chamonix provided the first chance for a technical and performance review of the project following the re-baselining in 2016. The CMAC validated all re-baselining decisions from 2016 and gave the project a good bill of health. Main observations from Chamonix 2018 relevant for the HL-LHC project were:

  • New Q1 trim power supply circuit at Q1 of the triplet assembly for increasing the accuracy of measuring the optic functions at the IP;
  • The LHC run in 2017 provided first successful demonstration for operation with b* levelling;
  • First experimental demonstration of Beam-Beam Long Range [BBLR] compensation via wires;
  • Global review of the alignment strategy and options for the HL-LHC [keyword fully remote controlled alignment];
  • Endorsement of the Hollow Electron Lens as a risk mitigation measure for the HL-LHC;
  • Civil engineering plans for the HL-LHC.

A complete summary of the Chamonix 2018 workshop by the CERN Director of Accelerators, Frederick Bordry, can be found here.