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Crab Cavity Prototype Development and Test Stand Installation in the SPS and World’s First Crabbing of a Proton Beam

The first test of superconducting crab cavities to rotate a beam of protons was performed on 23 May 2018 using a beam from CERN’s Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) accelerator. These cavities are a key component of the HL-LHC.

WP4 Crab Cavities and RF

D1 and D2 and HO corrector review

In December 2018, a review of the design of the D2 correctors and HO correctors took place in CERN. The committee supported the selected designs that showed to reach the required performance.

WP3 IR Magnets

Production Readiness reviews

Two production readiness reviews where conducted at CERN: one for the pressure vessels and one for the MgB2 cable production.

WP6A Cold Powering

Update on Civil Engineering Work for HL-LHC

The two civil-engineering contractors, MARTI for the Point 1 works and IMPLENIA for the Point 5 works, are fully mobilized. The excavations of the shafts at Points 1 and 5 were completed in February 2019 and December 2018, respectively.

WP17 Infrastructure, Logistics and Civil Engineering
WP17 Infrastructure, Logistics and Civil Engineering

Update on the Collaboration Partners and Contributions

The 7th HL-LHC Collaboration Board took place during the 7th HL-LHC Annual Meeting in November 2017, jointly organized by CIEMAT and CERN in Madrid, Spain. One of the focuses of the 7th HLCB meeting was a summary of the existing agreements for in-kind.

WP1 Project Management

First Full Length Prototype of the 11T Dipole Magnet

The construction of the 5.5-m long 11T dipole prototype was completed in May this year after several years of intense work dedicated to the development and optimisation of the special tooling, and of the related manufacturing and inspection procedures.

WP11 11T Dipole

Summary on the outcome of the 2018 Chamonix meeting

The 2018 Chamonix workshop featured three sessions for the HL-LHC project. The sessions at Chamonix provided the first chance for a technical and performance review of the project following the re-baselining in 2016.

WP1 Project Management

Outcome of the 2018 Cost and Schedule review

The 3rd Cost & Schedule Review of the projects HL-LHC and LIU was held at CERN on 26th – 28th of March 2018. As usual, the panel is composed by the CMAC (CERN Machine Advisory Committee) members with the addition of a few other international experts

WP1 Project Management

DFX review and design modifications

On the 31st January 2019 (with a 2nd final session on the 12th February), a DFX Conceptual Design Review was held at CERN. The DFX is a key element of the cryogenic powering line for the new magnets of the LHC interaction region at IP1 and IP5.

WP15 Integration and (De-)Installation
WP15 Integration and (De-)Installation

Groundbreaking for the Civil Engineering work at P1 and P5 of the LHC

Two contracts for the civil engineering works were adjudicated by the Finance Committee of March 2018 to a consortium MARTI TUNNELBAU, MARTI ÖSTERREICH and MARTI DEUTSCHLAND for the Point 1 works

WP17 Infrastructure, Logistics and Civil Engineering
WP17 Infrastructure, Logistics and Civil Engineering