Update on Civil Engineering Work for HL-LHC

The two civil-engineering contractors, MARTI for the Point 1 works and IMPLENIA for the Point 5 works, are fully mobilized. The excavations of the shafts at Points 1 and 5 were completed in February 2019 and December 2018, respectively. The shaft excavation were performed during the LHC physics Run2, with very minor impacts on the LHC beams due to vibrations mainly created by surface-compactor works. The excavations of the service caverns are progressing well and are sufficiently advanced to allow the start of the excavations of the UR galleries at the end of May’19 at Point 1 and mid-June at Point 5. The underground excavation work is expected to be completed on schedule by mid-2020 during the long shutdown. In parallel, the two consultants, completed the detailed design of the underground structures and progressed in the detailed design of the surface buildings, which should be completed by the end of 2019. Civil-engineering works, including surface buildings, will be completed by the autumn of 2022, about one year before the long-shutdown LS3 starts.

Fig. 1: Base of the access shaft in Point 1 and start of the cavern excavation
Fig. 2: Excavation works at Point 5